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7 Positive Affirmations For Anxiety To Ensure Success While You Are Driving

Chronic anxiety, in part, can be caused by our thoughts. These are anxious thoughts. The way that we think and our thoughts are one of the ways that we relay to ourselves what is “true” about our surroundings and the world.

If you are one of the many people that suffer from an anxiety disorder when driving, you likely have a belief about something related to driving that is actually not true, and you may have slipped into a habit that involves reinforcing these “truths” through negative self-talk. This usually means that you expect bad things to happen.

You are probably scared of certain aspects of driving and you may not be aware of why you actually fear it. This is a good indication that you are experiencing distorted, irrational thinking.

But it is possible to change how you are feeling in the way of making adjustments to your negative thoughts that are causing you to be unnecessarily anxious. Using positive affirmations is one of the effective methods to achieve this.

Affirmations can be explained as substituting unhelpful, and painful thoughts for more helpful ones. They can help to reprogram links inside your body and brain between specific feelings and certain thoughts.

Below are 7 useful positive affirmations aimed at driving anxiety that can help to calm your anxiety and fears, helping you to confidently drive with more self-assurance and peace.

  1. I Trust That Life Supports Me And I Am Safe

The truth behind this affirmation is that you are in fact safe. Driving is one of those everyday activities that millions engage in daily without incident. The reason you might be feeling anxious is that you believe you are in danger. You really are not.

  1. I Am Solutions-Orientated

An anxiety disorder while driving is solvable. Among the primary reasons individuals start becoming more afraid when they drive has to do with their belief that it is has become an unmanageable problem that has no solution. This is not true. This is one of those disorders that is treatable. However, you need to be willing and open to changing your beliefs. That is the start point to every therapy, that you believe that change is possible.

  1. I Am In Charge Of My Desires, Abilities And My Emotions

You have slipped into a habit that allows fear to be in charge rather than that you are in charge. It is well-known that fear often feels unmanageable and big. That is OK, yet understand that it is just another feeling. It should be seen as a feeling belonging to you, and not that you belong to this feeling.

  1. I Am Confident And I Know I Will Solve My Problems With Success

Confidence is associated with believing you are able to do something. The more that you can start believing that you are capable of it, you increase your chances of doing just that. Confidence also begins with a belief. Beliefs are thoughts, while affirmations are an effective method to bring about changes.

  1. I Am Confident About The Future And I Live In The Present Moment

Every anxiety disorder, which includes fear when you drive involves what “might happen”, into the future. Yet the truth of the matter is that you are afraid of something that is not occurring right now. Right now, at this exact moment, you are safe. What you are really fearing is that you will not be safe in the future. Stop focusing on the future while placing your attention back into the present. The future can be explained as the “present” that has not happened yet. Everything will be fine.

  1. I Face Difficult Situations With Conviction And Courage

I will always find my way out when it comes to a difficult situation. Facing a fear such as driving anxiety takes courage. Yet at the same time, you have probably dealt with many types of difficult or complex situations in the past and you have got through them. There is probably tons of evidence relating to your life when it comes to finding your way successfully through difficult times. You have made it this far, which means you can also get over your anxiety and fears associated with driving.

  1. Today I Am Prepared To Fail In Order To Succeed

This may appear strange, yet failure should not be something you are fearful about, but rather accepted as a part of exploring a new behavior. You need to tolerate or become comfortable with failure so that you can eventually succeed. It is not possible to learn something difficult and new without doing something wrong. Keep in mind that the only failure is when you choose to not try.

This may feel strange to start off with because you have to contend with irrational, negative thoughts, and you might not believe the affirmations you are telling yourself. Keep in mind that repetition will be the most important part when it comes to finding success with these affirmations.

Repeating life-affirming and healthy thoughts will have a mantra-like, hypnotic, soothing, and calming effect that will bring about changes to your feelings. Say each affirmation out loud when possible or to yourself, as soon as you start feeling anxious about driving. These have a collective effect that might not feel effective, to begin with, but they will start leading to positive and surprising changes as time goes by.

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