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Ashley Graham on why her twins ‘don’t need each other’

Ashley Graham realises her twins ‘don’t need each other’
Ashley Graham realises her twins ‘don’t need each other’

Ashley Graham recently confesses that she has been relieved to find out that her twins “don’t want to do everything together”.

Speaking to E! News, the supermodel shared about her fear as she thought “they were in her body together for so long, they were going to need each other”.

It was days after welcoming her twin adorable sons in January, Ashley learned that they don’t need each other.

“I was almost afraid to not have them sleep in the same crib. And I think that they were actually happier when I put them in different cribs because they were like, ‘Finally I have some space, jeez.’ They don’t have to do everything together,” she noted.

Meanwhile, the outlet reported that twins were not only major milestone this year, Ashley along with her husband Justin moved from city’s house to a suburb one.

While sharing her experience about the suburban lifestyle, the 34-year-old mentioned, “Watching my kids just play in the dirt and the grass every day and not care about getting dirty. That to me just brings so much joy.”

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