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Can Meghan Markle be Duchess of Sussex and US President at the same time?

Can Meghan Markle be Duchess of Sussex and US President at the same time?

Meghan Markle might not be able to enjoy her royal titles once enters US politics.

Royal commentator and columnist Daniela Elser says the Duchess will definitely have to give up her title in a bid to become the President of America.

She wrote for “Ending up as Senator (or better) would give Meghan one thing that has truly eluded, even now despite her wealth and title: True power of her own and on her own terms.”

Meghan’s entry into politics would also mean “immense” sacrifices for her and Harry, adds the expert.

She added: “Most obviously, they would have to wholly give up their Sussex titles.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden’s sister believes Meghan could be an exemplary candidate for The White House.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Valerie Biden said: “It’s wonderful to have women in politics.

“The more women we have, the better our democratic system will work – a better point of view, a different point of view.

“We embrace all women and we welcome her to come in and join the Democratic party.”

When asked if Meghan Markle “make a good potential candidate one day maybe for president”, she added: “Yes, of course, she will.”

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