Sunday , July 3 2022

Duchess Camilla ‘still haunted’ by Princess Diana’s ‘ghost’: report

Experts have made a shocking revelation regarding the ghost of Prince Charles’ first wide Princess Diana and how she must ‘haunt’ Duchess Camilla.

This claim has been made weeks after Queen Elizabeth showcased her support towards future ‘Queen Camilla’ and her desire to see Prince Charles’ wife take the throne by his side.

According to Ingrid Seward, the editor in chief of Majesty Magazine, while people may have fallen for Camilla’s laid back charm in the UK, abroad, people still view Princess Diana as the epitome of grace.

She told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, “I think people that have met Camilla really love her, and can see the warmth that she has.

“But globally she’s not so popular, especially in the United States, because of this huge swell for Diana that will never go away.”

“So I feel that Camilla and Charles have always got the ghost of Diana hovering over them,” she further went on to say.

“I don’t think the world wants another glamorous Diana on the throne, I think after the Queen goes, to have someone steady and charming but slightly in the background like Camilla is probably a very good thing.”

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