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Duchess Camilla’s non-royal children to get royal titles after Queenship

Royal experts believe there is a ‘very probable’ chance that Duchess Camilla’s kids from her former marriage will inevitably be in line to become royals in their own right once their mother ascends the throne alongside her husband Prince Charles.

Royal commentator Brian Hoey made this revelation during an interview with Express UK.

He began by telling the publication that since “we have never, ever had children of a King or Queen who remained untitled” there is a major chance for Duchess Camilla’s kids to be awarded royal honours of their own once their mother becomes Queen consort of England.

He was also quoted saying, “I think what will be interesting when Camilla becomes Queen, is what happen with her children.”

“We have never, ever had children of a King or Queen who remained untitled – so that will be interesting.” Especially when the question revolves around the “Parker-Bowles children being elevated?”

He also added, “I think they are bound to get some sort of a title. Charles, even though he said he wants to be a moderniser, he is also a traditionalist, very much a realist.”

“He quite likes ceremonial and he believes in the honour system in Britain and I think he will do whatever he feels it’s the correct formal thing to do at the time.”

For those unversed, Prince Charles became step-father to Duchess Camilla’s kids once he tied the know with their mother in 2005.

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