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‘Feminist’ Queen struggled a lot in ‘man’s world’, she was always ‘pro-women’

Feminist Queen struggled a lot in mans world, she was always pro-women
‘Feminist’ Queen struggled a lot in ‘man’s world’, she was always ‘pro-women’

Queen had to fight her battles with patriarchy when she acceded the throne.

The 96-year-old, who became the monarch of England at the age of 25, has ‘always been a feminist,’ says expert Ingrid Seward.

The mother-of-four took authority in the fifties in “terrifying” world of men.

Ms Sweard said: “The Queen has always been a feminist. She’s always been very very pro-women right from the very beginning.

“When she came to the throne aged 27 just when her father died, she was a young young woman in a man’s world.

“A man’s world of the fifties was just terrifying. Women were just not seen.

“So she has always been pro-women and she must have been really genuinely thrilled about the [Lioness’ win],” added the expert, noting the massive victory of England in Commonwealth Games.

Meanwhile, the Queen and her family are actively participating in the promotions of CWG.

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