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Former April member Jinsol joins new music agency

Former April member Jinsol joins new music agency
Former April member Jinsol joins new music agency

On July 28, Jinsol’s new agency STORY&PLUS announced that they have sealed the deal with the former April member.

The agency in the official statement said: “We signed an exclusive contract with Lee Jin Sol, who not only has excellent vocal skills but also versatile charms. In the future, we plan to provide full support to expand her scope of activities to various fields, including music activities.”

DSP Media officially announced April’s disbandment in January of 2022. Soon afterward, members Chaewon, Chaekyung, Yena, and now Jinsol chose to part ways with the agency, one by one. Currently, former April members Naeun and Rachel are still affiliated with DSP Media.

Jinsol expressed her joy to people and appealed them to show support by commenting to STORY&PLUS’ announcement, “I’m pleased to announce this good news. I’m going to show myself working hard in various fields in the future, so please give me lots of attention and support.”

Sources reveal that Jinsol has had a tough journey throughout her career, especially regarding the allegations of bullying -made on then APRIL’s Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol -by former member Hyunjoo.

Former April member Jinsol joins new music agency

STORY&PLUS houses artists like Kim Sang Woo, Lee Jung Won, Han Seo In.

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