Tuesday , September 27 2022

Graham Dene recalls Princess Diana’s cheeky sense of humour

Princess Diana’s favorite DJ Graham Dene recently recalled his quirky firs meeting with the Princess of Wales.

The former Capitol Radio host, who now helms his show on Boom Radio, said, “I met Princess Diana for the first time when she came into the Capital Radio studios in London early 80s – at the time, she was a patron of our charity Help A London child.”

“The staff had lined up downstairs in the office to meet her, and she was walking along, shaking hands and having a brief chat. It was very nice, very formal,” he continued.

“Princes William and Harry were very young at that time, and I had previously been told that because of the boys being early, she used to get up early and tune into my breakfast show – she loved Capital and loved pop music.

“That morning before the line-up, I had joked on air to the listeners about meeting her that evening and how nerve-racking it would be, and I said: ‘I just hope I’ve not got a sweaty hand.’

“That evening, when she came to me, she shook my hand and said, ‘Oh, hello Graham,’ and began to walk away. But then she turned back to me and said: ‘Oh, by the way, Graham, the hand was perfectly dry.’

“So she had been listening to the show that morning!” Graham exclaimed.

“What Princess Diana didn’t know though was that there was a curtain behind me, and just before she had got to me in the lineup, I had wiped my hand on it to make sure it wasn’t sweaty!” he added.

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