Wednesday , August 10 2022

Here are the latest developments in Ukraine.

The top diplomats of Russia and Ukraine failed to make even a hint of progress Thursday in their first face-to-face meeting since the Russian invasion began, while Russian bombardments spread more carnage in a two-week-old war that Ukraine estimated had already caused $100 billion in damage.

The fighting has deepened suffering in the country, especially in besieged cities like Mariupol in the southeast and Chernihiv in the north. Russians forces also were reported to have gained ground in some smaller cities near Kyiv, the capital.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in Warsaw to meet with Polish officials, said that Russia should be investigated for possible war crimes in Ukraine, though she did not name any individuals. “I have no question the eyes of the world are on this war and what Russia has done in terms of the aggression and these atrocities,” she said.

Here are the day’s major developments:

  • Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba of Ukraine and his Russian counterpart, Sergey V. Lavrov, met in the Turkish resort city of Antalya. “The broad narrative he conveyed to me,” Mr. Kuleba said afterward, “is that they will continue their aggression until Ukraine meets their demands, and the least of these demands is surrender.”

  • Russian forces continued their siege of the embattled port city of Mariupol, a day after a maternity hospital bombing that a Ukrainian official said killed three people, including a 6-year-old. Conditions remained dire in the city, where people are struggling to find food and water and the authorities have been burying the dead in mass graves.

  • In Warsaw, Vice President Harris sidestepped questions about Poland’s offer to hand fighter jets over to the United States to transfer to Ukraine, a proposal the Pentagon has rejected.

  • The British government imposed sanctions on seven Russian oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich, the owner of the Chelsea soccer club, and Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire aluminum magnate with ties to Mr. Putin.

  • Leaders of the European Union member states prepared to meet in Versailles on Friday to discuss Ukraine’s appeal to join the bloc.

  • Goldman Sachs became the first big U.S. bank to say that it would exit Russia, and JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank in the U.S., said it was winding down there too. The Japanese clothing company that operates Uniqlo said it would suspend operations there, as did the construction equipment-maker Caterpillar. The New York Times is tracking the exits, which have largely undone 30 years of economic integration with the West and prompted Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to open the door to nationalizing the assets of Western companies.

  • Russia, China and the United States continue to trade accusations of spreading disinformation about the war in Ukraine. A day after the White House and State Department sharply criticized Russia and China for spreading “outright lies” about the United States secretly developing biological weapons in Ukraine, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday doubled down on the accusation.

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