Thursday , July 7 2022

How Prince Harry inspired The Batman

Robert Pattinson was reportedly advised to look at the royal family for inspiration when gearing up for The Batman character Bruce Wayne.

As per director Matt Reaves, Wayne’s character revolved around a person who suffered a great public tragedy which he was watched on for and in order for the Twilight star to prepare for the role, he had to look at real life examples.

For the unversed, the Royal Family has been facing one of its most tumultuous times in recent years, having witnessed the aftermath of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal exit, Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse case and Prince Philip’s death to name a few.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Matt said: “I was describing it to Rob as like something tragic had happened in the family’s past [Bruce Wayne’s parents are, famously, murdered when he is a young boy] and now he had to carry that with him, and have everyone always looking to him, so he would want to withdraw from that.”

The result was, as per the publication, “a very Prince Harry-like retreat from his civic duties”. 

Reeves told Pattinson, “rather than a playboy he should just look like a wealthy screw-up.”

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