Wednesday , August 10 2022

iPhone SE, iPad Air & Mac Studio

This was Apple’s week, and just about every other tech company decided (perhaps wisely) to steer clear. Then again, given the state of the iPhone SE, maybe Apple should have too.

So yes, the iPhone SE is…the same as the last one. Well, the chipset has been upgraded, and it’s got 5G, but otherwise this is basically the same phone: big bezel, Home Button, and piddly 720p LCD display all included. Of course, this being Apple, it’ll probably sell phenomenally anyway.

At least the iPad Air is more promising, with an upgrade to the M1 chip making this better than ever. Throw in 5G, Center Stage cameras, and, uh, a slightly faster USB-C port, and this might even be enough to deter buyers from Apple’s own iPad Pros.

And then there’s the Mac Studio. The big daddy of mini Macs, the new Studio is a compact desktop PC that costs thousands but delivers potentially unmatched performance thanks to the choice of an M1 Max or new M1 Ultra chip.

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