Friday , August 12 2022

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t trust Amber Heard?

Jennifer Aniston doesnt trust Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp’s career seemed to have come to an end after he lost his famous wife beater case against a British newspaper last year.

Amber Heard had also appeared before the UK court and recorded testimony to make sure Johnny Depp is defeated by the publisher.

Hollywood celebrities started giving Depp a cold shoulder as he lost work after he was accused of domestic abuse.

The actor is currently riding a wave of popularity after winning the defamation lawsuit against the former wife.

His social media followers have increased exponentially and it appears that some celebrities trusted him all along. Among them was “Friends” actor Jennifer Aniston who wasted no time in following him on Instagram shortly after he won the case against Amber Heard.

The actress seems to have made her decision to follow the actor on the basis of the outcome of the trial as she is not following Amber Heard on the Facebook-owned app.

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