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K-Pop band Jannabi issues official apology after rock festival controversy

K-Pop band Jannabi has said that they regret their rude behaviour towards audience at a rock festival
K-Pop band Jannabi has said that they regret their rude behaviour towards audience at a rock festival

K-pop band Jannabi has come forward to issue an apology in regard to their questionable behaviour at  the 2022 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival.

On August 6, the band performed at the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, joining a line-up that also included Crying Nut, Jaurim, SeSoNeon, Nell, Vampire Weekend, and Japanese Breakfast, reported ALLKPOP.

The next day of the event, attendees alleged that Jannabi’s behaviour was rude towards the crowd during their sub-headlining act especially at the expense of US rock band Vampire Weekend, whose headlining act was to follow immediately afterwards.

Attendees also claimed that Jannabi members said, “We don’t even know who the next band is.” 

They also encouraged the audience to leave before the next act, saying, “Go home now, everyone. We’re going to play [our song] Come Back Home, and then we’re going to leave.” 

There were also claims that Jannabi played an encore that went into Vampire Weekend’s designated performance time, adding that the delay affected the next band’s ability to complete their setlist, as per ALLKPOP.

On August 7, the band addressed the claims and released a statement on their official Instagram account. 

“Standing up on the stage we dreamed of and in front of a wonderful audience, we couldn’t overcome the excitement and caused inconvenience to other bands and fans with careless words,” the statement said.

It further read: “The intention was never meant that way, but we didn’t realize it could be seen that way. We will be careful not to make such a mistake in the future. Thank you for joining us!”

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