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Kate Middleton ‘appeared as a Queen-in-waiting’ during Caribbean tour

Kate Middleton appeared as a Queen-in-waiting during Caribbean tour

Prince William’s sweetheart has amazed royal fans and experts with her ‘leadership skills’ during the Royal tour of Caribbean.

The Duchess of Cambridge ‘steered Prince William’ with ‘laughter and happy smiles’ during the protest-hit tour, according to a body language expert. 

Kate was ‘confident’ yet ‘assertive’ and  ’emerged as a future Queen’, body language expert Judi James has claimed. 

The expert said the mother-of-three had appeared as a Queen-in-waiting throughout the tour.

 ‘William and Kate’s professional and emotional double-act has probably never looked stronger than it does on this tour and it is a testament to both of them that Kate’s signals of power and signs of leadership have been revealed openly and with what looks like a welcome response from her husband.’

Speaking to FEMAIL, Judi explained how the Duchess has taken the lead on the international trip, proving herself to be ‘much more than a mere consort’ to the Duke.

Judi explained: ‘It would be hard to over-emphasise the version of Kate we have been seeing during this royal tour and how vital her impact is going to be on the dynamic of the Firm in the future.”

The expert added:  Kate was delightful in her interactions with children on the tour showing herself as a Queen in waiting.

‘Kate Middleton has been a slow mover in terms of royal profile and positioning, adopting a cautious, ‘steady as she goes’ approach to her role, avoiding change and drama, rather than rocking the royal boat but the body language of both Kate and William on this tour appears to show how they both finally recognise that she can now be launched as her fun, daring, extrovert and even seriously flirtatious self.’

‘Like everything about Kate, the signs have been relatively subtle but here’s what we are now being informed via non-verbal signals about the woman who will one day be Queen.’ 

Judi explained: ‘Kate’s wave seems to have upgraded slightly in terms of status on this tour.’

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