Thursday , July 7 2022

Kate Middleton ‘appearing’ pregnant after ‘broody’ revelation?

Kate Middleton has reportedly sparked a barrage of questioning into whether she is already pregnant with the fourth royal heir following her ‘broody’ confessional.

The Natser began this speculation during a candid interview with Us Weekly.

During the interview with host Christin Garibaldi, the guest admitted, “I love how Kate ‘practices what she preaches,’ in that she waited until her youngest was in school before taking on a much busier role within the Royal Family.”

“The first five years are so very important in a child’s development. She did what was best for her children despite constant criticism.”

Even Ms Garibaldi and co-host Christine Ross added into the conversation and one of them admitted, “She does practice what she preaches. A big initiative of hers is child development and she talks at length about how important those first five years are in a child’s life.”

The co-host later joined in saying, “We heard a lot of speculation over the years when George was born and now that she’s really ramping up her work as to why we hadn’t seen her.”

“There was a lot of criticism but a lot of people speculated it was because she was so committed to her children and now it turns out that exactly what was happening and she really was practising what she preaches.”

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