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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s unroyal take to parenting leaked

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently shed some light into the parenting tactics employed by the household that is nurturing the future King of England.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter brought this revelation to light recently.

She made the admission while speaking with and began by referencing the ‘conventional’ tactics the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided to employ on their kids.

According to the commentator, Kate was always “granted room to focus on raising her young family” since the very beginning, and this has shaped her approach greatly.

Ms Arbiter was also quoted saying, “The Cambridges have been permitted to put their family first” and have always made it clear that they are “determined their children be afforded as normal an upbringing as possible” despite having “a future king” in their household.

This includes Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ image in mass media, for it has been “carefully orchestrated”.

During the course of her interview, Ms Arbiter also made comparisons to how the princes’ were raised back in the day.

For example, “Where William faced banks of photographers on his first day of school, the Cambridge children have benefitted from having their every milestone recorded by mum.”

“Likewise their official public appearances have been carefully orchestrated. From standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace to attending a Panto on behalf of key workers and helping their father kick off the Sandringham Half Marathon, the children have experienced a small taste of public life.”

The children have also been ‘eased’ into royal life and protocols, specifically Prince George who has “slowly been similarly introduced to the magnitude of his position.”

Before concluding she also lauded the couple’s approach and shared a golden nugget adding, “Attitudes towards royal parenting have changed. The belief children should be seen and not heard is thankfully no more.”

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