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Kate Middleton proves monarchy is in ‘consummate hands’

Kate Middleton proves monarchy is in consummate hands

Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton amazed a journalist with her down-to-earth approach this week, proving the monarchy is in “consummate hands”.

Matthew Syed, a journalist, told how he visited the Commonwealth Games with his young son Ted on Tuesday. He shared a sweet experience of unexpectedly meeting with the future Queen.

The journalist said, he was in the toilet on the train to Birmingham travelling first class when he heard the youngster chatting to a woman.

He added that “judging by the laughter, they are having a whale of a time”.

Mr Syed said that as he went to leave the toilet he thanked the woman before realising it was the future Queen Consort.

He added that when he later asked his son if he knew who it was, he said he did not but that she was “really nice”.

Writing in the Times, Syed said: “The Duchess had no idea she was chatting to the son of a journalist so I take this to reflect her character and sense of duty. The monarchy is in consummate hands.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoyed an outing with Princess Charlotte at the Games for a packed day of sport earlier this week.

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