Tuesday , July 5 2022

Kate Middleton swallows Bahamas aphrodisiac, Prince William says he can ‘handle it’

Kate Middleton and Prince William brought out their amusing side on the last day of their Caribbean tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge challenged her future King, husband Wills, noting that she is more ‘adventurous’ of the couple.

During their final days in the Caribbean, the royal couple tried local food in the Bahamas, including conch pistol. 

The Duchess of Cambridge swallowed a “strip of flesh” believed to be “the conch’s male genitalia”.

Royal Editor Rebecca English shared the video on her Twitter page, sharing her disbelief.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a fish fry today with Kate trying local delicacy ‘conch pistol’ – said to have the same effect as viagra.”

“Can’t quite believe I am writing this…. But here goes!

“Kate held up the strip of flesh, which comes from the inside of the conch and is commonly said to be the conch’s male genitalia, before putting it in her mouth to applause from the crowds,” she shared.

She added the Duchess said: “I’m a little bit more adventurous than William is” to which the Duke responded: “I can handle it.”

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