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Meghan Markle’s fans accuse royal family of ‘bullying lies’ to ‘silence’ Duchess

Meghan Markles fans accuse royal family of bullying lies to silence Duchess

Meghan Markle’s fans have accused the Royal Family of ‘lying’ about claims that Prince Harry’s wife bullied members of staff at the palace.

The Duchess of Sussex’s fans took to social media amid reports that the results of a Buckingham Palace probe into allegations made against Meghan will never be published.

The mother-of-two denies the allegations and her fans have now accused the Firm of lying about the accusations, with  one Twitter user, @dawimwi, wrote: “They tried to silence & intimidate Meghan by launching a fake investigation. It didn’t work so they’re trying to hide the BS…one mistake #RoyalFamilyLied did was to underestimate Meghan and just like that they will hear from her lawyer, like it or not they have to clear her name.”

“Royal Family never even conducted an investigation. Their statement on March 3, 2021 was ONLY to scare Meghan Markle into cancelling the Oprah interview,” another @Mad_Houri, responded.

“After they failed to silence Meghan, they had to continue to pretend that an investigation was happening.”

The third one, @Julia44993, tweeted: “So Buckingham Palace leaked the existence of a bullying investigation (4 days before the Oprah interview) but not the results?”

The findings of the highly sensitive probe, which was reportedly conducted by an independent law firm, has not ben made public yet.

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