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Meghan Markle’s new pinky ring’s hidden message revealed

Meghan Markles new pinky rings hidden message revealed

Meghan Markle was seen wearing two new glittering diamond rings during her appearance at the Invictus Games and Queen Elizabeth’s recent Platinum Jubilee.

The Duchess of Sussex’s stunning piece of jewelry has a hidden message for women’s empowerment.

The new ring Meghan has been wearing is from her favorite jewelry brand Shiffon Co. The design of the 1972 Tennis Pinky Ring is inspired by the tennis bracelet with its all-around diamond look.

Prince Harry’s wife was also spotted wearing the brand’s Duet Pinky Ring last year when she graced the cover of TIME alongside her husband Prince Harry.

The ring features a tiny diamond beside a larger one to represent one woman supporting another through a “pinky promise”.


Meghan Markles new pinky rings hidden message revealed

Shilpa Yarlagadda, founder and CEO of Shiffon Co, told People: “I’ve always been super inspired by her. I listened to her UN Women’s speech when I was in high school. I watched Suits and I was a part of an organization called One Young World — I was one of their ambassadors and she’s a counselor for them.”

“Everything she does is with intention, thought and meaning behind the impact that she could have. I know that when she’s wearing a piece of jewelry, there’s a lot of intention behind it. We both care so much about empowering women and she’s a fellow female founder with what she’s built, too,” she shared her knowledge about the Duchess.

Shiffon, according to the media outlet, donates half of its profits to fund female founders through its non-profit organization, The Startup Girl Foundation. The company’s diamonds and gems are also ethically sourced and follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices.

In addition to Meghan, the brand has several A-list followers, including Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Sussex’s pal Serena Williams.

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