Thursday , July 7 2022

Musician’s startling revelation about Russia’s Ukraine invasion: ‘We’re funding this war’

Musician make startling revelation about Russias invasion of Ukraine: Were funding this war
Musician make startling revelation about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: ‘We’re funding this war’

International singers have petitioned to have their music licenses severed within Russia since the government collects a portion of all royalties for their war against Ukraine.

The petition has been started by songwriter Ross Golan and he revealed, “Currently, a portion of our royalties are going directly to the Russian government, which in turn funds their invasion into Ukraine.”

Since “The global songwriting business stands with Ukraine. I refuse to have my songs licensed in Russia while their government invades Ukraine.”

He further clarified, “I’m signing this petition asking that my collection society sever ties with RAO (Russia’s government-mandated collection society) immediately. Join the fight against tyranny by signing up.”

This news comes shortly after the Oscars, Eurovision and Emmys banned Russian entries in light of their continued efforts to cripple Ukrainian independence. 

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