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Piers Morgan reflects on his departure from GMB over comments about Meghan, vows to ‘uncancel the cancelled’

Piers Morgan reflects on his departure from GMB over comments about Meghan, vows to uncancel the cancelled

Piers Morgan, who stormed off his famous British show last year, says his departure from the show over his comments about Meghan Markle was a ‘farce’.

Morgan left the Good Morning Britain following a dispute in which he said he did not ‘believe a word’ of Meghan’s claims about the Royal Family in an interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.

The 57-year-old outspoken media personality wants to ‘uncancel the cancelled’ on his new TalkTV shows that starts next Monday.

Speaking ahead its launch, he said: ‘I thought the whole thing was a farce and I’m delighted that actually, as a result of the farce, we’ve ended up with a whole network which is now dedicated to preventing that kind of farce from recurring.

Morgan said: “You shouldn’t be shamed or vilified or cancelled for having an opinion, unless you genuinely are spewing hateful bigoted stuff.”

Reflecting on the incident, the host has said he now wants to ‘re-platform those who’ve been de-platformed’ in his new show.

‘I don’t intend to do that; I’ve never done that before in my broadcasting time. I want to be a broad church to any kind of view.’

He added: ‘I want to re-platform those who’ve been de-platformed. I want to uncancel those who have been cancelled. I want to basically make a point that cancel culture is as dangerous to society, in its own way, in terms of its attack on free speech and freedom of expression as coronavirus has been.’

Morgan’s comments about Prince Harry’s sweetheart led to more than 500,000 complaints, the most in Ofcom’s history, though the watchdog ruled that the show was not in breach of the broadcasting code.

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