Wednesday , August 10 2022

Prince Andrew ‘can never return into the royal world’ after assault case’: report

Experts believe Prince Andrew “can’t come back into the royal world for the foreseeable future” in light of his assault hearing.

Royal commentator and expert Ingrid Seward made this claim during her latest interview with GB News.

She started off by admitting how “I think people are so shocked by the revelations of some of these very brave women have stood up and given in court that I think it’s quite hard to take in. There is this British woman Ghislaine, who’s 60, and she’s going to be in prison for the rest of her life.”

“She’s trafficked these teenage girls and it’s really shocking. I think that obviously, the Duke of York, however, innocent or not, he is tainted by what happened to Ghislaine.”

“He is now a close friend of a woman who was at the time with their friendship, trafficking teenage girls, for her lover who was also a friend of Andrews and I think the public at large say, well does this man have any sense of judgement whatsoever, that he actually spends time with these people?

She even went on to add, “Not only does he spend time with them, but he invites them to his mother’s Balmoral estate, and he invites them on a shooting weekend at Sandringham.

Before concluding Ms Seward also added, “He is using his mother’s property, not property of the Government, to entertain these people. I think that’s what shocks people.”

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