Wednesday , October 5 2022

Prince Andrew ‘not a bad person’, is ‘broken’ after sex scandal, says friend

Prince Andrew is devastated and ashamed after the sex scandal humiliation, claims his friend. reports a solider who served with Andrew during the Falklands War, explaining how the 62-year-old is in the lowest of spirits.

“He is down, he is broken. If he wants to dress up once in a while in a naval uniform, then let him.”

Another added: “He was actually not a bad person when I knew him. He had a few entitlement issues but that is to be expected.

“His reputation is in tatters, his public life is over. He is a walking embarrassment.

“Frankly, my view is let him keep the rank of Vice Admiral. He served in the Royal Navy in the Falklands War and this was bestowed upon him by the Queen. It’s effectively the same as an honorary degree.

“He hasn’t been convicted of anything. I have no idea whether he is guilty or innocent, so I think he has paid quite a heavy price.”

Meanwhile, the Queen has not passed an official statement about revoking Andrew’s Vice Admiral title.

The Duke, however, lost other military titles while the lawsuit was still in court. Andrew had been accused of sexually assaulting Virginia Giuffre, trafficked to him by Jeffrey Epstein. 

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