Wednesday , October 5 2022

Prince Harry to be ‘gentle’ after Queen Elizabeth’s tough year: report

Prince Harry has reportedly been planning to ‘go easier’ on Queen Elizabeth because of the ‘tough’ time she underwent in the past year.

Royal expert and commentator Camilla Tominey made this claim.

According to Express UK, she was quoted saying, “On one hand, Harry reserves the right to write up his life story in any way that he sees fit.”

“It is interesting and it’s probably the strongest shot across the boughs that we’ve had throughout the whole of the so-called Megxit saga with this briefing that we were given some weeks ago suggesting that the Queen’s lawyers would be poring over every line.”

She also added how there was a briefing “message to America to say don’t think you can just write anything that you like as you said at Oprah Winfrey without being challenged on it, without offering a right of reply.”

So Prince Harry will be “very very careful” about the book’s phrasing. 

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