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Prince Harry wanted to ‘walk away’ before Meghan Markle ‘leaves him’: Insider

Prince Harry had thoughts of walking away before Meghan Markle leaves him: Insider
Prince Harry had ‘thoughts’ of walking away before Meghan Markle ‘leaves him’: Insider

Prince Harry was protective about Meghan Markle, considering his past experiences with girlfriends, says insider.

The Duke of Sussex lived a vibrant bachelor life, where he dated numerous girls. All of his girlfriends had to face media scrutiny to the point his love life ‘crumbled’.

When Harry met Meghan, he decided to ensure his new girlfriend is not made uncomfortable.

Speaking to Heatworld, the source said: “Harry knew he wanted to marry Meghan as soon as he met her, but when their relationship became public, he was disgusted at the scrutiny she faced.

“He was worried she would leave him and even had thoughts of walking away himself so Meghan could have a normal life away from the pressure, he felt so guilty.”

“He’d seen other girlfriends crumble before and didn’t want the same to happen to Meghan. But neither of them wanted that and they’ve chosen instead to do things on their terms. Falling in love is the best thing that’s happened to both of them.”

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