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Prince William, Kate did not ‘cosy up to’ Prince Harry for possible ‘damage’

Prince William, Kate did not cosy up to Prince Harry after irreparable damage
Prince William, Kate did not ‘cosy up to’ Prince Harry after ‘irreparable damage’ 

Prince William and Kate Middleton had important reasons for not reaching out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge refrained from being seen with the Sussexes during Queen Platinum Jubilee for their controversial image.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, expert Niel Sean claimed: “A lot of people questioned why didn’t Kate and William reach out and make contact.

“After all they were very close brothers and Prince William is about to hit 40.

“There’s one big problem that William really can’t get over as with his father, Prince Charles and that is the forthcoming book deal that Harry has looming that he’s refusing to release any details of it.

“William doesn’t really want to be seen cosying up to someone who could possibly be doing irreparable damage to the monarchy.”

It was earlier reported that Harry and Meghan invited the future King and Queen Consort to their daughter Lili’s first birthday- an invite they rejected for their royal engagements.

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