Wednesday , July 6 2022

Prince William, Kate Middleton always ready for disasters, emergencies

Prince William and Kate Middleton are always ready for disasters and emergencies as the couple have a panic room and a secret tunnel in their home at their disposal.

The Duke of Duchess of Cambridge’s 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace boasts of five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, dressing rooms, a night and day nursery and staff quarters.

Furthermore, it comes with a secret panic room and an escape tunnel to protect them from “biological welfare”.

“Kate and William’s royal apartment at Kensington Palace includes a panic room with an air filtration system, guarding against biological warfare, and an escape tunnel,” revealed the Global Citizen.

The rooms are said to be essential for a royal’s safety especially considering that Prince William and his son George are in line to the throne.

“The royal panic rooms are designed to withstand poison gas, bombs or terrorist attacks; they are equipped with secure communications, beds, washing equipment and enough food and water for the royals to survive for at least a week.”

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