Wednesday , August 10 2022

Prince William, Kate Middleton worried over security leak for Geroge, Charlotte, Louis

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly been worrying over a security loophole that might get exploited in regards to their three kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Royal author Russell Myers made this claim in his interview with True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

“The thing that really struck me, to be honest, is the fact that there took so long for the protection officers to get there.”

It was a real big concern for me because they are very they are left alone by the British press.

“There is an agreement that they have a degree of privacy [..] the children won’t be bothered unless there’s instances that they’ve been invited to and yet there is still this sort of window of opportunity for people who behave unscrupulously to photograph them at their home or in their private time at Anmer.”

Especially since “There is a market for it, unfortunately.”

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