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Queen reportedly made a meaningful comment about Prince Charles when William was born

Queen reportedly made a meaningful comment about Prince Charles when William was born

Queen Elizabeth II pulled a joke about her eldest son Prince Charles and grandson when Prince William was born in 1982, expressing her relief that he didn’t share a certain trait with his father.

The 96-year-old monarch is known for her meaningful one-liners, quick responses, and cheeky comments, and her sense of humour allows her to connect with members of the public.

When the Queen finally got to meet her new heir, Prince William, she said: “Thank heavens he hasn’t ears like his father,” reports Marie Claire.

But, the Queen’s words reportedly did not appear flattering to Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales has become well-renowned for his ears and has been cruelly taunted for many years. While the commentary is hugely unfair, his famous ears have become part of Prince Charles’s iconic image.

Princess Diana gave birth to the future king was at St Mary’s Hospital back in 1982. Following the birth, Charles was clearly besotted with his son and wrote to his second cousin, The Countess Mountbatten of Burma

Charles reportedly penned: “The arrival of our small son has been an astonishing experience and one that has meant more to me than I ever could have imagined. I am so thankful I was beside Diana’s bedside the whole time because I felt as though I’d shared deeply in the process of birth and as a result was rewarded by seeing a small creature who belonged to us even though he seemed to belong to everyone else as well.”

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