Saturday , July 2 2022

Queen under fire for not removing Prince Harry, Andrew as Counsellors in UK: ‘So bizarre’

Buckingham Palace has just come under fire for not calling out Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as the Counsellors of State in the UK.

The Daily Mail’s royal editor Russell Myers made this revelation during his recent appearance on Pod Save the Queen podcast.

There he said, “You’ve got the four Counsellors of State that are currently in place: Charles, William, Andrew and Harry.”

“Now, if two of those Counsellors of State are no longer working royals and the other two are away abroad on behalf of foreign office or the Crown — then it just seems utterly bizarre that there has not been some movement to try and replace Harry and Andrew.”

“The Palace are still not relenting on it; they’re just saying it isn’t a conversation that they’re having with the Government now, which I find absolutely extraordinary.”

“Concerns for the Queen’s health have been heightened since she spent a night in hospital in October and was ordered by doctors to rest.”

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