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Tom Hardy knocks down martial arts fighters to win gold medal

Tom Hardy knocks down martial arts fighters to win a gold medal
Tom Hardy knocks down martial arts fighters to win a gold medal 

Tom Hardy discreetly took part in a martial arts competition and won all matches against other martial arts fighters, as per Guardian.

The Oscar-nominated actor surprised several martial artists in England after the actor participated in a Jiu-Jitsu competition as a blue belt in the self-defense discipline.

The Revenant actor revealed on Instagram that he took part in the championship as a part of the global nonprofit organization REORG.

“Addiction is difficult and complex stuff to navigate; as is mental health,” the actor wrote. “Subjects which are both deeply personal for me and extremely close to my heart.”

It is an honor to be able to represent the charity and my team REORG and the great work they do supporting the mental health and well-being of veterans of service, military, and first responders through the therapeutic benefits of Jiu Jitsu and fitness training,” the actor added.

The Peaky Blinders actor said the sport helped him develop “a deeper sense of inner resilience.”

“Simple training, for me (as a hobby and a private love) has been fundamentally key to further develop a deeper sense of inner resilience, calm, and well-being,” he explained. “I can’t stress the importance it has had and the impact on my life and my fellow teammates.”

Earlier, Hardy bagged two medals at a fundraiser jiu-jitsu competition for REORG.

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