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Why Harry and Meghan did not see Prince William during UK visit ?

Why Harry and Meghan did not see Prince William during UK visit ?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met Queen Elizabeth at Windsor on their way to The Hague for Invictus Games.

They also met Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla before leaving the United Kingdom.

The couple’s spokesperson said they visited “The Duke’s grandmother” – as Harry had said he hoped to.

The spokesperson confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped into the UK on their way to The Hague to attend The Invictus Games.

Harry and Meghan saw then Queen – which was scheduled in her diary. They also saw Prince Charles and Camilla at Windsor Castle after the Royal Maundy service today.

A senior royal correspondent said Harry did not see his brother Prince William on his lightning trip to the UK. It was not immediately clear why a a meeting between the two brother, who last met at the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue, could not take place.

British media and royal fans are already speculating about Harry and Meghan’s visit and why  the Duke of Sussex  did not see his brother.

The visit happened after Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla stepped in for the Queen at the Royal Maundy service at Windsor Castle.

Harry and Meghan have not been in the UK since they quit the Royal Family in March 2020.

Harry said recently – when he pulled out of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving service – that he would see his grandmother the Queen as soon as poss.

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