Wednesday , August 10 2022

William, Kate branded ‘out of touch’ monarchists by Americans: ‘Not welcomed’

William, Kate branded out of touch monarchists by Americans: Not welcomed
William, Kate branded ‘out of touch’ monarchists by Americans: ‘Not welcomed’

Prince William and Kate Middleton are not appreciated in the US.

The Cambridge couple, who is all set to host Earthshot Prize in Boston this December, do not have Americans thrilled over the awards.

One Twitter user wrote: “We are not interested in them, and no one wants this inconvenient, expensive, no purpose trip.

“We have real work we’re doing over here and a democracy to save. No time for out of touch monarchists who treated a US citizen like s[expletive]t.”

A third added: “Why are Prince William and Kate Middleton chasing after America?

“Did they and their cronies not push for Meghan to ‘go home’? Are the British public so insufficient for their greed? The gall.”

“If Royal protocol can get out of the way & then this could be a good thing for them BUT the RF’s treatment of the Sussexes will follow them throughout the trip.”

“United States is not a Commonwealth country and if Meghan were not American, American media wouldn’t be covering Harry and Meghan at all,” noted one.

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